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‘Working with Marieke has been very healing. She has helped me to find my way through the challenges of the time, as well as to find healing for psoas/pelvic issues. The effects are powerful. I have the highest respect for her work.’

Marieke uses a combination of listening, meditation and sensing what is going on in the body. She is experienced in shiatsu, as well as continuing to study and integrate other practices that enhance her treatments. She has created her own unique style, which is flexible, according to the current needs of her clients. She creates a calm, relaxing environment.  She is empathetic and welcoming. 


Each treatment, Marieke listens and integrates what she hears into a meditation. Then, she begins the shiatsu work. She uses subtle touch.  Each treatment is a bit different, depending on what my needs are and what she feels in the body. I often feel my body release and, within several hours, I have a sense my system is clearing and cleaning itself out. I consider regular treatments with Marieke to be important for my mental and physical health